ZimboyZ are Vusa, Abiy and Hassan by name but daring, thrilling and breathtaking by nature.  Undoubtedly one of the best acrobatic troupes to come out of Africa. Definitively the most unique throughout the world.  You will be sitting on the edge of your seat as they take you on a journey to a world of impossible acts like chair balancing, human pyramids, fire hoops, Chinese pole and that’s just the warm up!  Things really take off once Zimboyz get started and have you speechless with a gravity defying exhibition of flexibility, imagination and pure muscle strength.  If you think your nerves can’t take anymore, then get ready to laugh with their side splitting antics as they release an explosion of energy, desire for fun and cheeky personalities throughout their performance Best of all they now live in Australia– how lucky are we to have such exceptional artists here in our home land to cater to your personal and professional requirements. They will create a show tailor made to suit your needs, function. If you want the success of your next event to last a lifetime, you need to have the ZimboyZ there!